Resident’s Corner


The H & H Tenant Association represents the two elederly/disabled developments under the Bridgewater Housing Authority.  The Association operates under its own set of By-laws and works closely with the Administration of the Authority.

The Heritage Circle Development has 50 units and the Hemlock Drive Development has 96 units.  Both developments are state public housing and under the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

The current H & H Tenant Association Officers are listed below:

Geraldine Gleason – President

Margaret Nisby – Vice President

Arlene O’Hea – Treasurer

Susan Lanzikos – Secretary


Hemlock Drive Housing Development

96 Hemlock Drive

Bridgewater, MA  02324

Phone:  508.279.1556

The Bridgewater Housing Authority also has 12 scattered site family housing units.